Cast Your Vote In Support of Fluoride!



Cast your vote in support of fluoride!

In the June Costco Connection, the ADA was given the opportunity to write about the benefits of community water fluoridation. This publication is sent to 8 million businesses and their employees and family members across the country and is read by approximately 20 million people in addition to being read by many of their members online. Dr. Howard Pollick, UCSF professor, is a member of the ADA National Fluoridation Advisory Committee, and consultant to the CDA Foundation. He is an expert on community water fluoridation.


The full article can be found online here. Costco has an online poll and is asking readers to vote if they think water should be fluoridated. Look for the poll to the right of your screen.  We hope you will take a moment to vote YES in the next two weeks.


CDA is assisting the ADA in reaching out nationwide to individuals and organizations that have long recognized the benefits of community water fluoridation to share this article and call for action. 


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