New Fluoride Recommendations

Fluoride Recommendations

Many of you have probably seen the stakes at Cub Lake delineating the Leash Free Dog Park. The staked area includes a double gate and a small dog park attached to a large dog park.

Kirk Wooldridge, General Manager, obtained 3 bids for the dog park fencing, labor and gates. The cheapest of the 3 was a whopping $16,400. He explained to me that the cost of the fencing was about $14,000. Professional contractors get a discount on materials so in the long run it may be cheaper to let a pro do it and get that discount.

If you know any professionals who think they could beat the price of $16,400, let Kirk know. Maybe he would consider a fourth bid.

As of last time I checked 19 people had donated to the dog park and there has been almost $2000 collected. A number of people have emailed and said they would make a donation. Please go ahead and do that. It seems like so many people have dogs in Bear Valley and if everyone with a dog gave $25 we would have enough. Donations are tax deductible. Go to the Association office. If the park does not happen you will get your money back.

I was hoping the CSD would help out with some of that recreation money. We collected 66 names on a petition at the Whiting Center some time ago. Unfortunately I did not get the email addresses of those people. Please send it to me if you are reading this, so I can put you on the official email update list. It has been suggested that if we get a whole lot more names on petitions that we could ask for some help from the CSD. I have petition forms. If you want to help email me at ktzorro@sbcglobal.netand I will send you a petition form. Even if you only get three names, send it back to me at 24281 Bowen Court. Every name may count. I know there is huge support for this dog park and if everyone would make a little effort we could make it happen.

The other thing we could do is to have a fundraising committee. I have heard from a few people who would be willing to be on such a committee but no one who wants to lead one. I have no experience in that arena so I am looking for a dog lover/ fund raiser to save the day. That’s 821-0971. Call me. Please everyone who is interested send me your email address so I can put you on our update list.

Lastly, about 3 people have questioned liability issues. Rules will be clearly posted. Don’t bring your dog in if it is aggressive or sick. Stay in the park with your dog. For more information follow this link and see how Tehachapi created their dog park and the rules they have posted.

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